Elen Kontkar

Family Day

The Family Day is an event for nature-loving families that focuses on a specific area or theme. Everyone can take part in fascinating workshops, children can do arts and crafts, and you can meet exotic pets in the lively corner. The Family Day is supported by the Environmental Investment Centre.

Lapse käsi ja kilpkonn on puidust põrandal

Photo: Silvia Luik 

Loodusfestival toimub 7.–11. juunini.

Designer Liina Lember introduces the life of moths at the Nature Festival

Loodusfestival toimub 7.–11. juunini.

Nature photographer Urmas Tartes organises a workshop during Nature Festival

Üritused Tartus - Tartu Ülikooli loodusmuuseum ja botaanikaaed

Family Day "The fascinating world of fish"