Research and Collections

The collections of the University of Tartu Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden consist of geology, zoology, botany and mycology. In total, the collections contain over 1.2 million specimens of minerals, rocks, fossils, meteorites, invertebrates and vertebrate animals, algae, mosses, bryophytes, fungi and lichens. The collections are used in the daily work of scientists, lecturers, students, tutors and other professionals.

Geological collections

Zoological collections

Botanical collections

Mycological collections

Microbiological collections

Collections of DNA and environmental samples

Botanical Garden plant collections

Explore the Estonian Biodiversity Data Portal

The mission of the Biodiversity Data Portal is to make the information on species occurring in Estonia accessible and downloadable from one place. It provides access to the information on Estonian species, including specimens and samples stored in scientific collections and biobanks, DNA-based and human observations of species, research data and other species-related information.

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