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Guided tours

Be part of a memorable tour! A typical tour of the Natural History Museum lasts 60 minutes. The guide will take you on a tour of the exposition, covering most of the museum. If you wish, we can offer themed tours (for example birds, insects, geology).

The Botanical Garden offers a variety of 60-minute tours. The tour can provide an overview of the whole botanical garden, but can also focus more specifically on the greenhouse plants (available all year round) or the open-air plants (available from the second half of April until mid-October). In addition, the tour can be thematic, for example tour on native plants (from April to mid-October).

Tours of the University of Tartu Natural History Museum and the Botanical Garden are available in Estonian, English and Russian. The maximum group size is 25 people.

Book a tour!

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Loodusfestival toimub 7.–11. juunini.

Designer Liina Lember introduces the life of moths at the Nature Festival

Loodusfestival toimub 7.–11. juunini.

Nature photographer Urmas Tartes organises a workshop during Nature Festival

Üritused Tartus - Tartu Ülikooli loodusmuuseum ja botaanikaaed

Family Day "The fascinating world of fish"