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University of Tartu Botanical Garden's orchid contest is inviting participants

University of Tartu Botanical Garden invites participants in the orchid contest taking place in less than a month! The contest is part of the orchid exhibition happening from March 1st to March 10th, and everyone with an interesting orchid currently blooming at home is welcome to participate. The prerequisite is, of course, that the plant has bloomed under the care of the home gardener.

To participate in the contest, send a picture of your orchid along with a description to the email address As the number of spots in the contest is limited, we will inform all senders whether their plant has been selected to participate in the orchid contest. Selected plants for the contest should be submitted to the University of Tartu Botanical Garden (Lai Street 38, Tartu) on February 27-29.

The top three in the orchid contest will be determined through a popular vote – all visitors of the orchid exhibition will have the opportunity to assess the plants and choose their favorite. University of Tartu Botanical Garden will award worthy prizes – exciting orchid plants to the winning trio. In addition, all contest participants will receive an annual pass to the University of Tartu Botanical Garden greenhouses. Furthermore, we will draw one annual pass among all voters.

Voting is possible until the evening of March 8th. The awards ceremony will take place on March 10th at 2 PM, and after the awards ceremony, there will be a guided tour for the participants of the contest. One participant can enter the contest with up to two plants.

Additional information:
phone 5223181

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