Priit Möller

Researchers' Night events at the University of Tartu

To explore the exciting world of research, join us at the entertaining and educational Researchers' Night on Friday, 29 September, at the University of Tartu's academic and research buildings.

At the Researchers' Night, you can

  • listen to inspiring lectures and presentations by researchers of various disciplines;

  • take part in hands-on workshops and experiments;

  • speak to real researchers and ask them anything;

  • enjoy the company of other research-minded people.

How can I participate?

The events are free of charge, and research enthusiasts of all ages are welcome. Although many guided tours and lectures are in Estonian, most workshops and hands-on activities are also suitable for non-Estonian participants (for instance, see the programmes at the Institute of Technology and Delta centre). The UT Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden are open until 21:00.

Full programme of Researchers' Night events at the UT (in Estonian)

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