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Works of Katrin Puskar's botanical prints can be seen at the Botanical Garden's new exhibition

Eco printing is a technique for transferring plant images onto fabric. The exhibition "Enchanted by Plants" is open at the University of Tartu Botanical Garden until 26 November. 

Eco printing can be used to transfer images of plants onto fabric, paper, leather and ceramics. Textiles dyed with plants, all of which are recycled materials, are on display. The author Katrin Puskar has based her creations on natural fibre, linen, cotton and silk materials, dyed with various plant leaves and pigments of logwood, cochineal and shellac.

"Everything in nature is in a constant state of flux, which is why the result that ends up on the canvas is almost always slightly different and surprising," Puskar explained. "The same leaf of the same plant can give a completely different and surprising result in spring and autumn."

Botaanikaaia taimetrüki näitus

Gardener and hobby artist Katrin Puskar has been fascinated by plants since childhood. "I used to spend hours with my grandfather fishing, watching the mystical movements of underwater plants. It was nice to wait and see when that oregano or fireweed would finally bloom," she said. His interest in plants led her to study horticulture, which today is Puskar's hobby, job and passion. Her knowledge of and interest in plants has led her to plant printing, which the artist cultivates.

The exhibition "Enchanted by Plants" will be open from 18 September to 26 November in the study room of the University of Tartu Botanical Garden. You can visit the exhibition with a Botanical Garden's ticket. When visiting the exhibition, please take into account the ongoing works at the Botanical Garden.

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