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How biodiverse is Tartu? Tuul Sepp and Veljo Runnel talk about biodiversity in a podcast on live public broadcast

On Wednesday, 9 August, Ott Lepland's Emajõgi summer concert will take place on the Supilinn swing ground, preceded by a discussion on the city's biodiversity by zoologist Tuul Sepp and biologist Veljo Runnel.

The "Rukkirääk" podcast of the University of Tartu Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden has been active for the second season now and has dealt with a variety of nature-related topics. This time, we talk about the biodiversity of Tartu and the urbanLIFEcircles project, which aims to increase biodiversity in the city, create a network of interconnected green spaces, mitigate the effects of climate change and create a good living environment for all. The project will develop best practices that can serve as a model for other cities in the future.

A public recording of the podcast "Rukkirääk" with project participants Tuul Sepp and Veljo Runnel will take place on Wednesday, 9 August, at 19:00 on the Supilinn swing ground. The recording will last 45 minutes and is free of charge. The discussion will be in Estonian. Everyone interested in Tartu's biodiversity is welcome. At the end of the recording at 20:00, Estonian pop singer Ott Lepland will perform.

Tartu ROHEring (internationally known as urbanLIFEcircles) is a project under the European Commission's LIFE programme. The partners of the City of Tartu are the University of Tartu, NGO Kino, Rohetiiger, Tallinn University of Technology and the cities of Riga and Aarhus.

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